Top tourist countries in Africa

Africa. A continent that you can visit or not? Because this is a country with lots of negative publicity, most people will make sure that they are staying away from Africa. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that they might make. Yes, there are countries that aren’t recommended, but there are some great countries in Africa that you need to visit when you are traveling to different countries in the world. Countries that you just need to experience. These are some of those countries, that you should reconsider about if you think that Africa won’t see you soon.


If there is just one country in Africa that you need to visit, then it is Morocco. This is such a beautiful, culturally rich and colorful country to visit. There, everything is different. From the houses, the culture and even the food that they are eating.

Morocco is also one of the safest countries that you can visit in Africa. Yes, there might be some problems in certain parts of the country, but if you avoid these areas, you will have a great experience. There are different hotels and resorts that you can stay at, that will be safe and give you the best experience that you will get.

South Africa

South Africa. A great country, even with all the negative publicity. Most international tourists are visiting South Africa because of their safaris, and their top tourist attraction. To think about just one attraction that you will not find anywhere else in the world is Table Mountain.

With the different cultures that South Africa has to offer, you can get more than one culture experience when you are visiting the country. You might want to stay away from certain areas, but in general, this is a country where tourists are safe.


The great thing about Tunisia is that on the one part of the country, you have the most beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts and hotel so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday at the beach.

On the other side, you are in the popular Sahara Desert. Experiencing a complete opposite from the beach and top resorts. This can be an experience of a lifetime to visit these two extreme attractions in one country.  


A tropical paradise that is cheaper than the rest of the world’s tropical destinations. And, you don’t need to worry about safety there. This is a top tropical destination with great resorts, hotels, and attractions. If you want to see more of Africa, and you want to enjoy a paradise, then Seychelles is the place to go.

Because of the high tourist attractions, Seychelles are popular and tourists from all over the world are visiting this country.

You will be surprised about how many countries in Africa you really can visit. Places that are safe, offering a great experience, and make a great holiday more affordable. The only advice that we have, is that you are doing your homework before you decide on the African country that you are going to visit.