Things to Pack for Solo Travel

One of the merits of traveling solo is that you have the freedom to discover the world in ways that only appeal to you. As such, even packing should be an easy exercise. However, many solo travelers still struggle with choosing what to pack when going on a trip. To give you an easier time, the following are the essentials travel items to pack for a solo trip. 

First Aid Kit 

When traveling solo, you only have yourself to rely on whenever things go wrong. And, one of the most important travel items to pack for a solo trip is a first aid kit. That will come in handy whenever you are involved in an accident, feeling pain or other medical issues. Your first aid kit should include wipes, antibiotics, bandages, band-aids, and painkillers. 

Comfortable Shoes 

Regardless of your destination, you need light and comfortable shoes to be able to easily maneuver around. Many travelers recommend sneakers with flat rubber soles. However, the choice of shoes should depend on particular activities. If you will be going on a hike during the trip, you should consider packing a pair of boots too. 

Light Waterproof Jacket 

Whether you are planning a solo trip along the streets of New York City or a hike through Peru-s rainforest, a lightweight waterproof coat is also a must-have for solo travelers. Go for one with a breathable fabric, ideal for all kinds of weather. 

Tech Gadgets 

When traveling solo, it is easy to feel bored along the way. As such, it is advisable to also pack a few tech gadgets to keep you entertained on the flight, bus, train or at the hotel. An iPad, tablet or e-book reader can be a great way to avoid boredom when traveling solo. 

While there are many other things that you may want to pack for a solo trip, the ones discussed above should always take precedence in your packing list.